Lab Members

Melanie Stefan

Melanie I Stefan, Group leader

My research interests revolve around using computers to understand learning and memory, from simulating how proteins in the brain work together to strengthen the connection between neurons to using educational data to understand how students learn.


Zale Cao

Zale Cao, PhD student

Coming from an engineering background, I'm interested in using computation models to understand how chemical reactions in the brain leads to learning. I'm currently a long distance PhD student based in Zhejiang University's Haining International Campus.

Jana Finzgar

Jana Finžgar, Honours student

I am a Medical Biology honour student. I am interested in working with computers and incorporating computer models in the research of biological events. Especially fascinating is the intricate connectivity and cellular events that govern memory induction and learning and how we can use models to visualize and manipulate data.

Richard Fitzpatrick

Richard Fitzpatrick, PhD student

My interests extend from developmental neuroscience all the way to learning and memory, and how signalling pathway interactions can be understood in relation to cognition and behaviour. My current work is the multi-scale modelling of intellectual disability disorders such as Fragile X Syndrome, integrating biochemical and electrophysiological data to give a more complete idea of what is going on in the system as a whole. I'm also heavily interested in Philosophy of Mind, in my spare time attempting to provide a neuroscientifically-grounded enactivist account of declarative memory.

Susana Roman Garcia

Susana Román García, Honours student

As a neuroscience student, I am interested in learning how protein interactions in the brain can lead to complex brain functions like memory. I will be doing my dissertation on the interaction between NMDA receptors and CaMKII in the postsynaptic neuron using computational modelling.

Lab alumni

Excellence Ogunbayo

Excellence Ogunbayo, Summer student, 2016

Now (2016): Student, St Columbas RC High School

Kadri Pajo

Kadri Pajo, Visiting MSc student, 2016

Now (2016): MSc student, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (SE)

Yubin Xie

Yubin Xie, MSc student, 2015-2016

Now (2016): Research scholar, University of Chicago (US)