Lab Members

Melanie Stefan

Melanie I Stefan, Group leader

My research interests revolve around using computers to understand learning and memory, from simulating how proteins in the brain work together to strengthen the connection between neurons to using educational data to understand how students learn.


Christine Lee

Christine Lee, PhD student

My research interests include using software to assist in analyzing student behavior on online test-taking platforms, and to hopefully help teachers better tailor their classes according to their students' needs.

Domas Linkevicius

Domas Linkevicius, PhD student (co-supervised with David Sterratt)

My interests primarily lie in modelling neuronal dynamics (mainly synaptic plasticity) as an interplay of electrical and biochemical activity at the level of single cells. I am interested in trying to understand how various studies on synaptic plasticity and neuronal dynamics could be reconciled (if at all) via models built in a bottom-up fashion that can explicitly include experimental conditions and assumptions whenever feasible. My interests also include trying to tackle the complexity of and shortage of data on the post-synaptic proteome by using machine learning.

Becky Pathirana

Dulmini Hasara (Becky) Pathirana, Honours student

I'm an undergraduate student in biomedical sciences at the University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang University in China. I'm particularly interested in Bacteriophages after spending a summer discovering bacteriopahges from different environments. As well as interested in phage therapy and antimicrobial resistance.

Jing Xie

Jing Xie, MSc student (co-supervised with Emanuel Busch)

I am a student majoring in Master by research in Biomedical Sciences, who studied clinical medicine as an undergraduate. My research interests focus on the translational research of cognitive impairment with aging and cancer neuroscience. The project I am working on is "Creating a multilevel analysis pipeline for complex behavioural data". In the future, I would like to become a medical scientist.

Richard Fitzpatrick

Richard Fitzpatrick, PhD student

My interests extend from developmental neuroscience all the way to learning and memory, and how signalling pathway interactions can be understood in relation to cognition and behaviour. My current work is the multi-scale modelling of intellectual disability disorders such as Fragile X Syndrome, integrating biochemical and electrophysiological data to give a more complete idea of what is going on in the system as a whole. I'm also heavily interested in Philosophy of Mind, in my spare time attempting to provide a neuroscientifically-grounded enactivist account of declarative memory.

Shudi Xu

Shudi Xu, Honours student (co-supervised with Takaki Komiyama at UCSD)

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biomedical Sciences in ZJU-UoE institute. When exploring my potential research interest, I find neuroscience attractive. Previously, I have worked on a project about antidepressant drugs in ZJU. Besides the heavy course load, I like playing the piano for fun, and reading books among multiple disciplines to learn more mental models to help future problem solving.

Yan Zhong Wong

Yan Zhong Wong, MSc student (co-supervised with Emanuel Busch)

I am interested in developmental biology, particularly germline development. My current work involves the use of computational modelling for neuronal Calcium signalling and plasticity in C. elegans, a model organism I also have particular interest in. I also have particular interest in seeing lab-grown meat succeed.