Lab Members

Melanie Stefan

Melanie I Stefan, Group leader

My research interests revolve around using computers to understand learning and memory, from simulating how proteins in the brain work together to strengthen the connection between neurons to using educational data to understand how students learn.


Christine Lee

Christine Lee, PhD student

My research interests include using software to assist in analyzing student behavior on online test-taking platforms, and to hopefully help teachers better tailor their classes according to their students' needs.

Giorgos Rodamnakis

Giorgos Rodamnakis, MSc student

I am an MSc student in Integrative Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh. My interests extend from computational neuroscience to biophysics of the nervous system and Philosophy of Mind. Currently I am working on transferring a model of actin dynamics into Morpheus, a software able to represent structural changes and biochemical signalling all together.

James Schofield

James Schofield, Honours student

I am a fourth year Honours student currently studying Anatomy and Development at The University of Edinburgh. My dissertation project is 'Modelling the Sonic Hedgehog Signalling Pathway' and my interests lie in how modelling this pathway in silico can provide a clearer understanding of its impact on various processes affecting the adult brain. Computational modelling is a completely new experience for me, and so I am enthusiastic about beginning my research in this lab.

Jiang Lifei

Lifei (Crystal) Jiang, Visiting student

I am a third year student in Biomedical Science from the joint institute of Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh. I'm particularly interested in learning and memory. During my undergraduate years, I want to explore different methods of research. Computational modeling is a brand-new field to me and I hope, through my experience in Melanie's lab, I can be familiar with this method as well as get improved in scientific thinking skills.

Patricia Cambalova

Patricia Cambalova, Honours student

I am a fourth year Neuroscience student working on my senior honours project in Melanie's lab. My project looks at the role of astrocytes in synaptic signalling using computational modelling. I am particularly interested in the role of astrocytes at glutamatergic tripartite synapses in dementia.

Richard Fitzpatrick

Richard Fitzpatrick, PhD student

My interests extend from developmental neuroscience all the way to learning and memory, and how signalling pathway interactions can be understood in relation to cognition and behaviour. My current work is the multi-scale modelling of intellectual disability disorders such as Fragile X Syndrome, integrating biochemical and electrophysiological data to give a more complete idea of what is going on in the system as a whole. I'm also heavily interested in Philosophy of Mind, in my spare time attempting to provide a neuroscientifically-grounded enactivist account of declarative memory.

Wenkai Ye

Wenkai (Kevin) Ye, Visiting student

I am a third-year student in Biomedical Science from ZJU-UoE Institute. I'm interested in neuroscience generally. I'm also interested in computational modeling because it has many advantages beyond wet experiments. My current project is about improving models of mGluRI-NMDAR crosstalk. Hopefully, I could find out some surprises!

Lab alumni

Abaz Shehu

Abaz Shehu, Honours student, 2018

Now (2018): Graduating from the University of Edinburgh

Ayisha Mahmood

Ayisha Mahmood, Summer student, 2018

Now (2018): MSc student in Integrative Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh

Excellence Ogunbayo

Excellence Ogunbayo, Summer student, 2016

Now (2018): Medical student

Grant Herpich

Grant Herpich, Honours student, 2018

Now (2018): Medical student, University of Edinburgh

Isla Smith

Isla Smith, Summer student, 2017

Now (2017): Student, Galashiels Academy

Jana Finzgar

Jana Finžgar, Honours student, Research assistant, 2017

Now (2018): MSc student, University of Edinburgh

Kadri Pajo

Kadri Pajo, Visiting MSc student, 2016

Now (2018): PhD student in Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (SE)

Kyle Robertson

Kyle Robertson, Summer student, 2018

Now (2018): Student, Wallace High School

Kyungsuk Ryu

Kyungsuk (Pierce) Ryu, Honours student, 2018

Now (2018): Graduating from University of Edinburgh

Lewis Strachan

Lewis Strachan, Summer student, 2017

Now (2018): Student, Cardinal Newman High School

Marcel Kazmierczyk

Marcel Kazmierczyk, Honours student, Summer student (co-supervised with Mayank Dutia), 2018

Now (2018): Medical student, University of Edinburgh

Marios Diamantopoulos

Marios Diamantopoulos, Msc student (co-supervised with Emanuel Busch), 2018

Now (2018): Graduating from the University of Edinburgh

Sagar Arora

Sagar Arora, Msc student, 2018

Now (2018): Graduating from the University of Edinburgh

Salvador Garcia Gonzalez

Salvador García González, MSc student (co-supervised with Dragan Gasevic), 2017

Now (2018): Data Science Advisor at CEMEX Global Analytics

Susana Roman Garcia

Susana Román García, Honours student, Research assistant, 2017

Now (2018): Executive Assistant, Operations and Support at Health Information Consulting Ltd.

Tara O'Driscoll

Tara O'Driscoll, MSc student (co-supervised with David C. Sterratt), 2017

Now (2018): PhD student, BBSRC London Interdisciplinary Biosciences Consortium

Yubin Xie

Yubin Xie, MSc student, 2015-2016

Now (2018): PhD Student, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (US)

Zale Cao

Zhehou (Zale) Cao, MSc student, 2016-2017

Now (2018): Position unknown