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    [Read more]

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    [pdf] [Medline]

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    [pdf] [Medline] [DOI]

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    [pdf] [Medline] [DOI]

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Book chapters and conference proceedings

  1. K. Pajo and M.I. Stefan (2017)
    Methods for simulating actin filament dynamics in MCell
    V International Conference on Particle-based Methods - Fundamentals and Applications: PARTICLES 2017 (P. Wriggers and M. Bischoff and E. Oñate and D.R.J. Owen and T. Zohdi, eds.), International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).

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    [pdf] [DOI]

Blogs and commentary

  1. M.I. Stefan (since 2013)

  2. M.I. Stefan (2010)
    A cv of failures
    Nature, 468, 467.
    [pdf] [DOI]

  3. M.I. Stefan (2010)
    Nature Postdoc Journal, 22 September 2010.

  4. M.I. Stefan (2010)
    Nature Postdoc Journal, 9 June 2010.


  1. M.I. Stefan (2009)
    On the function of calcium-regulated allosteric devices in synaptic plasticity
    PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge and European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

  2. M.I. Stefan (2005)
    Morphological Characterisation and genetic mapping of the zebrafish skin mutants pusteln and dandruff
    Diploma Thesis, Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and University of Salzburg.